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 Placing of orders:

  • Please try to place your order at least 2 days before your delivery, so that we may prepare for the delivery in time. 
    We are still improving, and we seek your understanding if we are unable to accede to your changes in time, due to late notice to our office.

  • "Last-min Orders" causes quite a flurry of activities within our office, and as such, we would prefer "Store Pick-up" instead.
    For each "last-min orders" of Fried Beehoon, Noodles or Rice, there will be an additional charge of 3.00 per serving. 

Delivery Terms & Conditions:

  • Lecomobile's delivery schedule are as follows:

    10:00 AM - 1:00 PM (Light traffic),
    4:00 PM to 7:00 PM (Heavy traffic).

    Should you require a fixed timing for your schedule, it will be at an additional cost of $10.00 for the order.

    We want your Phone Accesorries Event to be smooth. Please help us to serve you better.
    Please help us select your earliest possible delivery time, so we may better navigate the traffic to your location.

  • Personalised-delivery to your location can be arranged at $25.00 / Trip, should you require this service. Call our office at 6392-8392 (6Leco-8Leco).

  • We want to keep your cooked-food warm, raw-food slightly-thawed, therefore foam boxes (purchased or Leco's) will be used to deliver your items.
    As our foam boxes' costs are increasing, we would like to apologise that we are not able to accomodate "free boxes" as of now. 
    You may still buy the foam boxes, if you require, by informing the deliveryman @ $4.30 (GST inclusive) each. 

      Delivery Charges
      RM5 RM10 RM20 RM25
    Delivery Locations East Coast Park All other locations around Singapore Postal Codes: 62xxxx, 69xxxx, 70xxxx, 71xxxx Personalised Delivery
    Pasir Ris Park All Sentosa locations

  • Leco does not absorb ERP nor Entry charges for any delivery of orders.
    Should the delivery location be within an ERP Zone or Sentosa, All ERP and Entry charges incurred during said trip, shall be recorded and borne by the customer, upon pickup.
    Leco's Best Practices requires all our drivers to inform our customers on Estimated Time of Arrival, before leaving for their location. Customers are well-recommended to be readily contactable during their requested delivery time slot.

    Should the driver be persistently unable to reach both numbers provided on the Order Sheet, we will skip the delivery sequence.
    For turnabout trips, a $10 surcharge MUST be paid to the deliveryman upon pickup, as compensation for the additional fuel consumption.
  • Standard Delivery Charges will be absorbed by Leco, only if Nett Order amount is higher than RM300.00.
    Leco reserves all rights, with due early notice to affected customers, to revise such fee waiver.

At the Pick-up Points: 

  • Our deliverymen will link up with customers on prefered dropoff point, usually at the NEAREST CARPARK or SIDE GATE. 
    While our Best Practices suggest that we perform our services as best as we can, our deliverymen may however, if delivery schedule does not permit, request for customers to pick up at said locations. 

  • All deliveries are to be verified and acknowledged by the customers or representatives. Customers should perform their due dilligence.
    If customers do not perform such a physical check UPON PICKUP, Leco nor any staff, will be held responsible for any missing items.

  Discount Vouchers & Coupons:  

  • Please call our office staff in advance, to verify and inform usage of any discount vouchers or coupons.
    This is to ensure that your discounts are valid, and our staff will require the vouchers upon delivery.

  • We shall not entertain invalid or doctored coupons. Leco retains all rights, regarding the usage and application of such vouchers.
    This is to ensure that your discounts are valid, and our staff will require the vouchers upon delivery.




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